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Duplex Boards
Duplex board is a cheaper version of white board; it also provides different textures for printing. Used in food packaging as recycled materials cannot be used for this purpose. We have due to our focus on quality of products, customization, process and service levels, and working with various well known companies belonging to industries like engineering, automotive and others.
We offer a wide gamut of duplex board boxes that are appropriate for various kinds of printing jobs. These coated duplex boards are perfect for covering of high quality products as their surfaces shiny and dust proof. These boards are coated with high grade material which provides them strength and sturdiness.
These products are widely used in the industries and are highly appreciated for its quality and durability. Understanding the needs and requirements of our clients we provide customized solutions to our clients.
We are providers of Duplex Board that are available in form of rolls and sheets. Offered in both white, gray and white, white duplex boards, these are widely used to create shoe box, cloth box, cereal box, soap box, toothpaste box, and many other packaging uses. The white duplex board is extensively used to prepare fast food box and take-out food box. Our wide range duplex boards are provided as per client specification.

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