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Folding Box Boards & Cup Stocks

Food Grade Boards & Cup StocksWe take great pride in servicing a large cross-section of industry requirements.Our beverage food grade boards & cup products feature contemporary designs that will enhance your brand. Chlorine free duplex board coated with food grade fiber is the perfect solution for packaging for the food product. These structures also offer a cost effective alternative to rigid industrial release product.
Our standard line of paper hot and cold cups provides a sturdy vehicle for all of your beverage needs. Elegance in your budget is what we aimed.




JK Ultima


  • Bluish white tinted board
  • Very high whiteness
  • Good bulk and smoothness

End Uses

  • Suitable for packaging premium personal care products, Pharma, Book covers, Greeting cards etc.


JK TuffCote


  • Natural white surface
  • Excellent stiffness and high bulk

End Uses

  • Suitable for packaging of high-end FMCG products such as Cosmetics, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Lifestyle Products etc.

JK TuffPac


  • Extra smooth surface
  • Excellent Stiffness and Good Bulk

End Uses

  • Specially developed for Gravure printing.
  • Cigarette packaging


JK Club Card


  • Silky white surface with minimum difference between the two sides
  • Good Spring-back property
  • Excellent Varnishability

End Uses

  • Suitable for Playing cards, Book covers, Danglers, Brochures, Annual Report covers, etc.



JK PureFil


  • Natural White
  • OBA (Optical Brightening Agent) Free Board with the desired Stretch and Stiffness properties.

End Users

  • Suitable for Disposable Beverage Cups and Tubs.


JK PristineCote


  • White Surface with adequate Stiffness
  • Bulk and Excellent Printability on Both Sides.

End Users

  • Suitable for Book Covers
  • Danglers
  • Brochures etc.

BJ Bhandari papers,Duplex Board, Kraft PaperCoated Paper & Boards

Art papers are one of the finest quality printing papers and are used mainly for illustrated books, calendars, brochures, pamphlets, magazines, advertising, material, digital printing etc. The grammage varies from 80 to 300 g/m2. These paper grades are triple coated with 20->40 g/m2 side and have a matt or glossy finish. This paper is available in both reel and sheet form.




Paper Stationery Products
1] Notebook
2] Longbook
3] A4 Book
4] Register
5] Conference Pad.
6] New year Diaries.
7] Practice Answer Paper.
8] Rulled Paper.
9] School Calender
10] Composition Notebook.
11] Counter Book.
12] Table Calender.
13] All types of rulling notebook.


Copier Paper

BJ Bhandari papers, Kraft Paper, Duplex BoardThe fastest growing segment in today market is copier paper. Earlier from office use only, now it has become a necessary commodity in all fields. As a revolution in the printing technology, the demand for copier paper is increasing @20% per annum. This paper is mainly used for photo copying, projects, digital printing, inject printing, invoice printing, letterheads, doctors prescription books, e-tickets etc by small entrepreneurs, students, doctors, advocates etc.
The standard sizes available are as under. (GSM 70 to 100)


A / 4  21.0 * 29.7 CM
F / S  21.5 * 34.5 CM
A / 3  29.7 * 42.0 CM
A / 5  21.0 * 14.8 CM



Sparkle Copier

– Trouble free Double side photocopying
– Sparkling white paper
– Minimum wear & tear to machines
– A Value for money product
End Uses
– Ideal for photocopying & desktop printing
– Available in A4, FS, A3
– GSM- 75
– 500 sheets pack

JK Bond

– Bright & white water‐marked paper.
– Long lasting aesthetically appealing paper
– Compatible with all desktop printers – Inkjet & Laser
End Uses
– Ideal for Projects, Presentations, Resumes and Letterheads
– Available in A4
– GSM‐ 70
– 500 sheets pack

JK Copier Plus

– Hi end copier for superior aesthetic job
– Long lasting whiteness
– Crisp & Brighter colour impression
– Superior performance on copier machines
– Compatible with all modern printers
End Uses
– Ideal for Quality Photocopying, Project Reports, Resumes, Inkjet &
Laserjet printers, Presentation copies or any aesthetic job
– Available in A4
– GSM- 80
– 500 sheets pack

JK Easy Copier

   – A Value for money product
   – Double sided copying advantage
   – Minimum machine jamming
   – Trouble free machine run
   – Minimum wear & tear to machine due to ideal characteristics
End Uses
   – Ideal for Photocopying
    – Available in A4, A3, FS sizes
    – GSM- 70
    – 500 sheets pack

JK Excel Bond

    – Watermarked Bond paper
    – Superfine Ultra white  
    – Excellent Stiffness
    – Compatible with all type of Inkjet/ Laserjet Printers     
End Uses
    – Ideal for Letterheads, Brochures, Certificate, Presentations, Project
       Reports, Envelopes, Pamphlets, Manuscript writing, Corporate
    – Available in A4
    – GSM‐ 70, 80, 90
    – Available in 100 and 250 sheets pack


    – Presents ultra sharp text & real‐life colour images on colour copier,
       laser & inkjet printers.  
    – Customized to give the most professional & premium impressions
    – Perfect for pre‐print applications
End Uses
    – Ideal for color printing, digital photocopying and desktop printing    
    – Available in A4, A3
    – GSM‐ 100
    – 500 sheets pack

BJ Bhandari papers,Writing Printing Paper,Copier PaperIndigenous Waste Paper

Paper recycling is the best process of turning waste paper into new paper products. Primarily there are three categories of paper that can be used as feedstock for making recycled paper: mill broke pre-consumer waste, and the consumer’s waste.

Mill broke is paper trimmings and other paper scrap from the manufacture of paper, and is recycled internally in a paper mill. Pre-consumer waste is material which left the paper mill but was discarded before it was ready for consumer use.

We are one of the major dealers & suppliers of waste papers of all kind, with high end logistics & other arrangements.