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Prayeja city

Survey No. 71,Near Mumbai Pune Bypass Rd,


Prayeja Realty

107-108, First Floor, The Pentagon Building,

Above Axis Bank, Off Sahakarnagar Road,

Pune-411 009

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BJ Bhandari papers,Duplex Board,Indigenous Waste PaperOur Vision

  • We at B J Bhandari Papers cater our clients with fair deals & collections of spaper products & are with a vision to continuously grow with Indian culture by taking paper to every nook & corner of the world.
  • We are also with a vision to provide high quality papers & papr product at the most affordable prices directly to the consumers at large.
  • We have implemented highly advanced accounting and inventory solutions. All primary dealers are linked through our customized enterprise resource planning mechanism developed for managing these key relationships effectively.

Our rapid growth in paper products can be attributed to an ongoing commitment to quality, delivery and competitive pricing.


mission transOur Mission

  • To provide Quality Paper Products.
  • Customer satisfaction is our soul aim with professional approach & maintaining positive & fair attitude are the key to our success.
  • To focus on excellence and versatility in approach, that will meet the ever - increasing needs of our clients.
  • To provide opportunities and growth in “diversified” streams under one roof/ at one junction.


B.J. Bhandari Papers Network


Corporate Office


1140, Raviwar Peth, Pune-411002.

Tel : +91 (020) - 24473981 / 24471916 / 24480742

Fax : +91 (020) 24475818

Our Branches


Mumbai Branch


380/382, Chira Bazar, 14 Shankar Seth Building,

1st floor, Mumbai-400002

Phone: 022 - 22030101 / 22030202

Retail Outlet


Shriniwas Apt. 585 Shanivar Peth,

Next to Kany School,

Pune 411030.

Phone : (020) 24484936 / 32938218



Stationery Division


994/2B, Tal. Shirur, Dist.Pune

Bhandari Constructions


Prayeja Realty

107-108, First Floor, The Pentagon Building,

Above Axis Bank, Off Sahakarnagar Road,

Pune-411 009

Tel: +919371304747 / +919370787879


Prayeja city

Survey No. 71,Near Mumbai Pune Bypass Rd,




About Us

About us BJ Bhandari,Duplex Board,Kraft PaperFor B.J. Bhandari, paper is not just a commodity to trade, It's a passion paper. No wonder even during the blues and reds of paper industry we firmly stayed with the paper, all through the past half a century.

Our story started in the year 1956, when most of India was branded illiterate. Paper consumption was at its lowest, production meager and efforts of Government to take education to the lowest of the lowest were finding inadequate.

Initially we had focused its operations on waste paper. Collecting huge quantity of waste paper and catering to the needs of packers and paper mills was the primary activity at B J Bhandari. Gradually to be perfectly in pace with the changing times, B J B introduced paper bags, Kraft envelopes and later became the premier supplier of Kraft paper to the Corrugation Units. Now We have become Brand name in paper industry which spells growth, quality, reasonability, transparency and customer care.

We deals in all sorts of paper, indigenous and imported, like Kraft paper, Duplex Boars, Writing Printing papers, Copier paper, Art paper to News print and most expensive fancy papers. We are proud to exhibit on our client list names of some of the leading news papers, corporate and dealers spread through width and breadth of Maharashtra.

We have transformed itself to become ONE STOP solution for any sort of paper needs with unimaginable range of paper brands, sizes and variety.

We are not just a growth story of a company that started with waste paper and became a business house to be reckoned with. It's a story of success of a business philosophy that was the foundation of our formation. We are proud of this philosophy which is religiously accepted and held by every constituent right to the level of delivery boy. Reasonability of Rates, Right Advice, and Regularity in supply, Relations beyond Business and Ranae of product is the 5R business mantra of B J Bhandari papers pvt ltd. With this philosophy at work, customers feel secured, confident and assured.

We have our Head Office at Raviwar Peth, Pune with 6 full fledged branches, at Narayan Peth Market Yard, Kasarwadi, Yerwada, Market and Mumbai. Our Sanaswadi office acts as a hub for these branches. All these establishments have been connected with most advanced Online in operation, to ensure convenience of our customers.

We have been associated with all leading premier paper mills from the country to maintain a wider range of products for the benefit of our customers.We have association with some of the renowned transporters to ensure timely delivery of goods.We have a different business culture. From owners to the lowest level in the establishment work as a spirited team, the aim of which being the total satisfaction of the customers.

B J B is a business house, with more than 2000 customers, leading paper mills, 120 devoted work force and a time tested business philosophy that has always shown a delight on the faces of our customers.

... and the story continues with ambitious expansion plans to scale new height by the end of this decade. And that is just achievable.

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